Just as there are multiple styles of hair, there are multiple styles of salons. From boutiques to high end luxury operations, each one can represents a certain style and brand recognition. Here are 6 salons from around the globe that do a good job of standing out from the crowd.

MOSS Salon by FAAB Architektura, Kraków – Poland

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MOSS hair, nail and beauty salon is the compilation of two spaces, previously separated and located on the different levels. The lower level, accessible directly from the street, consists of main entrance/reception, hair salon and manicure/pedicure zone. The upper level, accessible via bespoke stairs, houses beauty salon/spa and relaxation zone.

Roji Salon by Craig Tan Architects, Canberra – Australia


Located in the celebrated NewActon Nishi development and affiliated with the award winning Hotel Hotel, this design attempts to celebrate the nature of the haircut ritual, and to heighten the revival of the senses.

Mook salon by Okuwada Architects Office, Osaka – Japan



Oak boards cover the chambered entrance to this hair and beauty salon in Osaka, renovated by Okuwada Architects Office to look like a cave. The Mook salon is located along one of the narrow streets in the Japanese city’s Nakazakicho neighborhood, which is populated with terraced houses known as nagaya and low-rise apartment blocks.

Murdock Soho Salon by Erik Munro, London – UK


Murdock London, the British gentleman’s grooming brand, opens its new London flagship store this Autumn 2015 in the heart of the West End in Brewer Street, part of the popular shopping district of the Crown Estate’s Regent Street Quarter.

Hair Stylist Salon by STUDIO 06, San Maurizio – Italy

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This project is a redesign of an existing hair salon. The project is characterized by a big open space. Some elements as bamboo or different false ceiling create different work spaces without divide the salon.

Black Beard Barbershop by B&V Studio, Moscow – Russia


The space of barbershop is open and separated on three zones: there are working area, chilling zone and stuff. Materials and elements of decor are unusual and unconventional for use in hairdressers at all. The accent is on untreated surface’s beauty, for example, rusty metal ceiling, factory floor tiles with texture concrete, unevenly painted walls with graffiti.


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