Yet another example of a professional sports team making the switch to LED lighting! Arsenal, one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world, have recently completed a stadium upgrade that features LED lighting for the 2015/16 Primer League Season. Like we have covered in past City Lighting Products blogs, these upgrades are becoming more and more the norm for a few reasons. First, the lights are more efficient, last longer, and decrease maintenance costs for the business. This allows both budgets and man hours to be better utilized in different areas. Second, the lighting tends to be more beneficial for the business. In other professional sports teams arenas, LED lighting has also been proven to improve the fan experience. Making the payers and the field much more vibrant and easier to follow. While this may not seem obvious, any time you can improve your product by making a simple switch, is a huge advantage to any business.

Arsenal’s Stadium and Facilities Director, John Beattie, said: “It is important for both players and fans alike that we have top-quality lighting for the club’s evening fixtures and the new floodlights provide just that. This will be extremely beneficial for both matchdays and other events that we host at Emirates Stadium.”

One of the biggest advantages LED lighting has for a team like Arsenal are when it comes to slow motion replays. When images are slowed down, traditional lighting fixtures produce a flicker effect that is captured by high speed cameras. However, LED lights do not produce this flicker effect due to their construction and design. Therefore, when projecting a instant replay in the stadium, or on TV, the picture will be much more crisp. Don’t be shocked of you see more and more stadiums switching to this technology in the near future.

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