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Here are a few of City Lighting Products favorite lighting fixtures for both home and commercial spaces. Drop & Droplet Pendant Lights by Stuart Fingerhut The Drop pendant features a double curved-surface arrangement which frames the bulb used for illumination. Drop features three sets of double-looped surfaces arranged around the center axis, while Droplet features […]

S´ana Pharmacy by Marketing Jazz, Madrid – Spain Integral design of a new branding concept in the pharmacy world. The brand  S´ana comes from Ana, the name of the owner of the pharmacy, and from the natural approach of the project ( sana means healthy). The project aims to transmit, as a main characteristic that makes […]

Just as there are multiple styles of hair, there are multiple styles of salons. From boutiques to high end luxury operations, each one can represents a certain style and brand recognition. Here are 6 salons from around the globe that do a good job of standing out from the crowd. MOSS Salon by FAAB Architektura, […]

Hotels literally come in all shapes and sizes. They each try to make their guests feel a specific way upon arrival, and lighting can help achieve the desired effect. Here are some of City Lighting Products favorite hotels designs. Lima Duva Resort by IDIN Architects, Ko Samet – Thailand Kameha Grand Zurich hotel by Marcel […]

The infrastructure of any city across the globe is an extremely important factor in safety and functionality. Citizens need to have safe roads, bridges, dams, and even street lights. Without them, our cities would have many issues that we see as formalities in our modern lives. However, what makes infrastructure and expensive and laborious task […]

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant was looking for professional and long lasting lighting fixtures for a variety of their locations. City Lighting Products was able to help them achieve this goal with a customized lighting plan. See more here: We would love to connect with you on your favorite social channel. Find City Lighting […]

Recently, we discovered a new segment of lighting that had is scratching our heads at first. Lighting with built in speaker systems. While it seems like a joke, these bulbs do exist and are continuing to sell. These are connected light bulbs with embedded wireless powered speakers, and both elements can be controlled from a […]

City Lighting Products has worked with Regal Entertainment Group for many years now. They operate the largest and most geographically diverse theater circuit in the United States, consisting of 7,347 screens in 573 theaters in 42 states along with Guam, Saipan, American Samoa, and the District of Columbia, with approximately 229 million attendees for the […]

As many in the lighting industry continue to see, business owners have fallen in love with the advances in lighting technology. Building owners are increasingly embracing energy efficiency as a way to improve their bottom line. This is done by reducing their energy and operational costs, while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint. Recently, Deloitte (a major […]