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We are always happy to help businesses with their lighting needs, whether you are a national retailer with multiple locations, or a single store looking for more efficient lighting, we can help you with a customized solution. This week, we would like to highlight our work with Zoes Kitchen. City Lighting Products is the sole […]

Office spaces are some of our favorite things to light. No matter where you work, each individual office has different needs, goals, and dreams. Simply picking a design out of a cookie cutter mold is not always what is best, and there are so many wonderful office designs that incorporate wonderful lighting products.  That is […]

Quick and fun post for you all this morning. yesterday we encountered a Barcelona-based design house, Vibia, that had unveiled some new furniture offerings that seek to combine light with exterior spaces. We think this is a pretty cool concept and thought it would be worth a share. By day, each fixture takes form as a […]

Reverting your carbon footprint back to 1990 levels is no small task. But four years ago Washington University in St. Louis pledged to do just that, despite the fact that its main campus has doubled in size. One example of their efforts is a recent lighting makeover that is projected to save Wash U. 75 […]

When designing a new space, there are always a variety of different factors that go into making that space functional and practical. Unfortunately, many spaces fail to use lighting as a main factor of their design. This makes a lot of offices, businesses, and other communal spaces look and feel very similar. That is why […]

Experts in the lighting world have been predicting that big organizations will eventually make the switch to LED lighting options. We at City Lighting Products not only believe that this is a great option, but will soon become the norm. Unfortunately, many organizations still continue to make that eventually a next year discussion. With an […]