The infrastructure of any city across the globe is an extremely important factor in safety and functionality. Citizens need to have safe roads, bridges, dams, and even street lights. Without them, our cities would have many issues that we see as formalities in our modern lives. However, what makes infrastructure and expensive and laborious task is the constant upkeep needed to prevent them from failing. While highways are of vital importance, streetlights are more of an annoyance to the average person.

However, these lights use a large amount of energy, and can be time consuming to replace as the burn out. That is why many cities are choosing to invest in LED lighting for their communities. “Currently, there are more than 2,000 LED and smart streetlight projects globally. By 2025, cities across the globe will invest $64 billion in LED lighting and ‘smart’ streetlights, with 84% of world’s streetlights converting into LEDs by 2025, and 37% networked, or ‘smart’.”

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