As major retail chains look for ways to improve their bottom line in these challenging economic times, City Lighting Products is spearheading lighting redesigns that are saving retailers some green, in more ways than one.

“The energy cost savings are so dramatic that our lighting makeovers often pay for themselves within two years,” says Chris Schmalzried, vice-president of City Lighting Products. “Once an upgrade pays for itself, the ongoing energy cost savings are like money in the bank for the retailer. It’s one of the fastest returns on investment a retailer will ever see.”

Whether a customer is planning new construction or a rebuild, City Lighting Products runs the numbers for their current energy usage, creates a new lighting design, does a cost analysis of the upgrade, alerts them to current rebates that can help offset those costs and even shows them a timeline that projects their overall payback.

Money isn’t the only thing retailers are saving. Newer, more ecofriendly lighting fixtures are also better for the environment.

“Sustainability is very important to our customers nowadays,” says Schmalzried, “and to our customers’ customers.” City Lighting’s proposals always demonstrate how a specific redesign will reduce greenhouse gases, how many trees it will save and how much less landfill waste it will generate. GNC, who has slashed lighting energy costs by more than 50 percent, even merchandises their cost savings as part of a “go green” initiative touted through public relations efforts in their communities.

City Lighting Products customers include GNC, Big Lots, Michael’s, Best Buy and Famous Footwear, but they also work with regional chains like Schnuck’s supermarkets, based in St. Louis where City Lighting Products is headquartered. With just 98 stores, Schnuck’s is saving $2 million per year in energy costs since consulting with City Lighting Products.


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