As one of the oldest establishments in every society, the local bar has taken a very important place in history. In our modern age, there are more various on bars than ever before. If you are looking for a high end modern establishment that specializes in hand crafted cocktails, it exists. If you want a bar made of ice the exclusively serves vodka and allows everyone to wear parkas, it exists. With so many options at a designers disposal, it’s not hard to see why standing out from the crowd can be good for business. Here are a few of City Lighting Products favorites from around the globe.


Meltino Bar & Lounge: Braga

City Lighting Products 5


Tazmania Ballroom: Hong Kong

City Lighting Products 4


CHAMBERS eat + drink: San Francisco

City Lighting Products 3

Zebar: ShanghaiCity Lighting Products 2

Divino Wine Bar: BudapestCity Lighting Products 1
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