When designing a new space, there are always a variety of different factors that go into making that space functional and practical. Unfortunately, many spaces fail to use lighting as a main factor of their design. This makes a lot of offices, businesses, and other communal spaces look and feel very similar. That is why it is so refreshing to see works like the Das Gerber mall in Stuttgart. They have used lighting to their advantage, and have seen dramatic results.  Below you can find images and a few insights into the overall design from RetialDesignBlog.com

Das GERBER - Shopping mall Interior design Public spaces Ippolito Fleitz Group

“The interior was designed to position the GERBER as a key location and leading city address. Its main axes successfully negotiate the terrain topography and connect the city centre with its neighbouring quarters. The GERBER itself is more of an urban boulevard than a mall. A high-end design throughout makes it viable in the long term, while remaining a low-threshold location for those less interested in luxury. Trademarks of the mall include its high quality environment, easy orientation and spatial elements with a strong recognition value.” – Retail Design Blog

Das GERBER - Shopping mall Interior design Public spaces Ippolito Fleitz Group

” The positioning of these rings responds to the respective entrance situation. At the narrow, steeper entrance at the eastern corner, an interlocking, linear chain of rings accompanies the visitor upwards. While at the wider northern entrance, they explode across the ceiling in a wide arc. At the third, single-storey entrance, curved bands of light integrated into the ceiling adapt the theme while tracing the route that forks here. The theme of intertwining rings thus creates a signature address for each entrance. The light rings reach their pinnacle at the very heart of the mall where they entwine a column and extend upwards to form a tree of light piercing all three storeys.” – Retail Design Blog

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