New lighting technology continues to amaze. We at City Lighting Products are always looking to stay up to date on the latest and greatest solutions for anyone’s retail space. Recently, LED lighting has allowed many businesses to continue to light their spaces while cutting down on maintenance and energy costs. Then, a breakthrough was made where the lighting color spectrum was increased to over 16 million different color combinations. Now, it looks like we will soon have less expensive LED lighting due to painted materials. A LED paint substitute has been developed by a professor and his team out of Florida State University. Which could radically change the price of every LED bulb going forward.

The new LED technology Yu’s team developed uses a combination of inorganic and organic materials that dissolve and can be applied like paint. The material shines a red, green or blue light and can be used for making a light bulb. What makes this LED technology particularly interesting is that it foregoes processes that made production using traditional methods more expensive. Instead of using four or five layers of materials on top of each other to achieve the product or effect needed, the new LED material only needs one layer, making LED easier to manufacture.

Simply put, this breakthrough can help LED lighting become the norm. As of right now, the biggest issue most consumers have with LED lighting is the high upfront cost. However, soon we may all be able to easily afford long lasting lighting.

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