One of City Lighting Products’ biggest advantages for lighting your business is that we have exactly the products you need and have instant access to them because we choose from an immense inventory of products in our five warehouses nationwide.

Our experts make sure we have the latest, most energy-efficient lighting systems available to create the optimum lighting for your needs. We can solve any lighting problem. For example, some of our retail clients need to light food in an appealing way. Some retail products present reflection problems that must be addressed. Churches, hospitals and industrial situations have their own special requirements. Of course, all clients want the best cost-efficiency and energy-saving lighting.

Because we stock almost every item we sell — over 10,000 different lighting products – we can develop a custom lighting system for you. We have just the right lamps, fixtures and ballasts to meet your requirements perfectly.

Our large inventory also insures that you don’t have to wait if you need emergency replacements of lighting or fixtures. They are a phone call away.


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