As many in the lighting industry continue to see, business owners have fallen in love with the advances in lighting technology. Building owners are increasingly embracing energy efficiency as a way to improve their bottom line. This is done by reducing their energy and operational costs, while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

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Recently, Deloitte (a major financial consulting firm) published a study on these exact findings. The goal of the report was to provide insights that can be useful in helping energy companies and businesses make energy related investment and business decisions. The numbers themselves shed new light onto how many companies see lighting as a way for them to compete in the marketplace. “Of the sampled businesses, 79% view reducing electricity costs as critical to maintaining a “competitive advantage,” and many have instituted formal energy reduction goals. Additionally, cost cutting was cited as a motivation for 59% of respondents, and more than 55% of businesses now generate energy on-site.”

Many believe that lighting is now reached a point of no return. Like many other aspects of business, these upgrades are no longer an option, but a necessity. In the 2015 study, Deloitte saw a significant increase in the formation of the corporate energy vision, and a larger emphasis on an energy management strategy. More than half of the businesses sampled stated that they have an energy plan in place, many others are working on putting one together.

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