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Deep within Hong Kong lies Mak Mak, a restaurant that bears an unusual façade. Set to look like a Thai grocery stall, local firm, NC Design & Architecture, managed to make this space look like it was straight from a film set. Gathering inspiration from wooden villas and shophouses that are typical in Southeast Asia, […]

When pharmaceutical company Roche, based out of Auckland, New Zealand, decided it was time to revamp their office space, they made sure to keep their European roots in mind. Interior design company STACK made sure to take full advantage of the building space Roche offered. The architectural geometry of the reception desk, lighting and other furnishings […]

While some may not expect it, the world of lighting fixtures is constantly evolving, From the bulb technology, to the distinct style of pieces, the world of lighting fixtures provides a world of options for interior design. We at City Lighting Products love t follow the new and interesting, as these pieces my be the next […]

S´ana Pharmacy by Marketing Jazz, Madrid – Spain Integral design of a new branding concept in the pharmacy world. The brand  S´ana comes from Ana, the name of the owner of the pharmacy, and from the natural approach of the project ( sana means healthy). The project aims to transmit, as a main characteristic that makes […]

Just as there are multiple styles of hair, there are multiple styles of salons. From boutiques to high end luxury operations, each one can represents a certain style and brand recognition. Here are 6 salons from around the globe that do a good job of standing out from the crowd. MOSS Salon by FAAB Architektura, […]

Office spaces are some of our favorite things to light. No matter where you work, each individual office has different needs, goals, and dreams. Simply picking a design out of a cookie cutter mold is not always what is best, and there are so many wonderful office designs that incorporate wonderful lighting products.  That is […]